Thermocouples (Type J,K,T,E,N,R,S and B)

We offer Thermocouples in Various Heads like Weather Proof Head, Explosion proof Head and Stainless Steel Head with Various Size in Element length, Diameter and Instrument connection as per application requirement.

We also provides the thermocouples with OST & Mini Plug for Type J, K, E, N.

In addition to Above,We have expertise to deal with High Temperature Thermocouple Probes are designed for use in extreme temperatures, up to 1800°C .These probes utilize either Platinum/Rhodium (types R, S, or B)) elements, with a variety of insulations and sheath materials.

Other miscellaneous temperature Sensors includes Bearing Thermocouple, Skin Pad Thermocouple, Magnet Mount Thermcouples, Hand Held thermocouples, Bayonut Mount Thermocouples.

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